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I’ve always fall in love with cross stitching growing up. I really find time to crafting in my busy schedule since high school even after college. 

When one of my best friend wanted to get married i decided to make her a personalized “Brides Wedding Vow”. And everybody loves it!

From there i realize, why not make it into an online business to accept personalized orders that all of you would wanted. 

So why wait, give us your preferred designs – and let’s be unique! May it be for a wedding gifts, a souvenirs, or simply for your house decorations. Cost varies depending on your design. But wait there’s more - you can give us how much budget you’d like to spend and we will craft it for you.  You would never regret the quality of our services.

Best for Home Decorations, Personalized Giveaways, Souvenirs or simply for gift giving at all occasions!

Personalized Cross Stitch Craft Items

We stitch personal pictures whether it would be your own portrait. We make stitch invitations, souvenirs, pillows, household things and many more. Because we value your personal choice.
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